About Scot’s Newsletter Blog

Scot’s Newsletter Blog (or “SNB”) is a personal publication of Scot Finnie.

Scot’s Newsletter began life, once removed, in 1999 as the Windows Insider newsletter, a product of the long defunct Windows Magazine. Windows Magazine was shuttered in early 2001, and Scot’s Newsletter was launched a few weeks later — starting over from scratch. Many of Windows Magazine’s readers managed to find it.

The newsletter’s focus changed over the years, moving from Windows to multiple operating systems and even other types of technology, the Internet, issues, and commentary. Scot’s Newsletter Forums launched in March of 2003, and the forums’ All Things Linux forum quickly became a vibrant and valuable resource for Windows, Mac and Linux/would-be Linux users. The newsletter began publishing Linux Explorer content, a product of the All Things Linux forum, and especially its lead moderator, Bruno of Amsterdam. Sadly, Bruno passed away in 2010.

Finnie has been Editor in Chief of Computerworld, the well known IT magazine and Web site, since 2007. He’s a longtime journalist, editor, writer, and computer product reviewer whose areas of coverage include security, operating systems, browsers, new media, the Internet, business, and IT. His coverage of the beta cycles of both Windows XP and Windows Vista are chronicled in Scot’s Newsletter, Computerworld, and TechWeb/InformationWeek — where he’s done most of his writing over the last decade or so.

In 2005, Finnie purchased one of the first Mac mini computers because of his interest in the OS X operating system. In March 2006, he bought an early Intel MacBook Pro and over the next 12 months bought two additional MacBook Pros. After wrapping up his final review of Windows Vista (A Hard Look at Windows Vista, Computerworld, co-authored with Preston Gralla), Finnie undertook the research and writing of a series of articles about the Mac. The concept for the first series was Macintosh total immersion — a three-month trial with nothing but the Mac and a copy of Windows XP running in a virtual machine.

The Mac experience was a game changer for him. Four months into the “three-month test,” he knew he wasn’t going back. So, early 2007 saw the beginning of a regular contribution of Mac coverage to the newsletter.

Scot’s Newsletter has been a hobby, not a vocation. Finnie’s career as a magazine editor, author, reviewer, reporter, and manager has grown in parallel to the newsletter. Finnie worked for many years at Ziff Davis, where he was a reviews editor and editorial manager at PC/Computing, FamilyPC, and ZDNet. In 1997 he moved to CMP Media, and worked at Windows Magazine, TechWeb, and InformationWeek. He went to work for IDG’s Computerworld in 2006 and was promoted to Editor in Chief the next year.

Today, when he finds time to write, the blog treats a wide range of topics, including Microsoft, Apple, Windows, OS X, security, applications, do-it-yourself networking, and the Internet. It also contains a good deal of commentary, analysis, and opinion about a wide variety of tech-related topics, including Internet publishing, consumer electronics, wireless, IT, and green automotive technologies.