Scot’s Crazy Email Saga

More in the ongoing saga of Scot’s ridiculous email situation. I’m using Entourage 2008 at work now, and with extensive use of AppleScripts, it comes as close to Eudora in power as I’ve been able to find. It’s a lot less quirky than Entourage 2004, too. It’s still not my favorite product, but it beats virtually everything else I’ve tried for the Mac.

I’ve pretty much given up on MailForge (formerly Odysseus), despite having bought a license in advance. The feature set is meager. The developers don’t apparently understand why people used Eudora. And at the rate they’re going, it’ll be 2014 by the time they get MailForge anywhere near where I need it. And it’s buggy besides.

In other news, although I’ve been searching for a Eudora replacement for five years, the search accelerated after Qualcomm severed ties and intensified after Leopard was released and Eudora started crashing in every session lasting longer than 3 hours. Snow Leopard surprised me. Eudora can run for days and days without crashing in Snow Leopard. I wasn’t even hoping for that. I still want to replace Eudora — after all, it’s unsupported. But at least I’m not corrupting data in my mailstore while the search goes on.

As a capper, Microsoft is talking about upgrading Entourage to be more of an Outlook for the Mac, and that sounds interesting too.

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5 Responses to “Scot’s Crazy Email Saga”

  1. CoB Says:

    Let us know if a Eudora 2 for windows makes an appearance. I run it now on Vista 64, but I’m dreading the day when the end comes.

  2. Scot Says:

    Not sure which Eudora you’re talking about, CoB. The Qualcomm version for Windows, is version 7, and it’s no longer being developed. The Mozilla product is version 8, and is under painfully slow development. In something like three (or more) years, it’s still in beta. And the MailForge product is at 1.1.1. Maybe that’s the one you mean?

  3. Scot Says:

    Hi, Aryeh. For those of you who don’t know, Aryeh is the lead moderator of the Scot’s Newsletter Forums All Things Windows forum. I haven’t heard of Sylpheed before. It’s multiplatform, which I always appreciate. And it’s distributed under the GNU GPL. I’ll check it out.

  4. goretsky Says:


    I, too, dread the day when Qualcomm Eudora Pro stops working for me. There is, of course, Thunderbird, but I am not sure if it is what I am looking for in an email client. One possible replacement I’ve been thinking about is Sylpheed, but I have not tried it yet.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  5. WVRich Says:

    I can’t remember how long I have used Eudora, but started with V3… I think.
    Currently using under XP. I haven’t seen much progress with Mozilla’s replacement, and recently ran across Pegasus(again). I will explore Pegasus, as it has one of the features that I like the most about Eudora, that of the mbx file format. I like being able to see what is in a message outside of the mail program. Anybody have any experience with Pegasus?

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