Mac A-List Updated

Just a quick note to everyone know that I haven’t forgotten the blog, and I hope to post some more in-depth things in the near future.

In the meantime, I’ve just updated the Mac A-List, which tracks the best software for the Mac according to Scot. It’s a significant update with several additions and subtractions. Among other things, what do I use with Twitter? Find out. And now that I’ve tested VMware’s Fusion to go along with my examinations of VirtualBox and Parallels, how did that turn out? One of those three is not on the Mac A-List.


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  1. jcinpv Says:

    I think you need to re-assess Parallels and even enumerate your so-called “fraught with bugs” so we know just why you don’t like it. The latest comparison with VMWare shows Parallels ahead in the most significant ways. I’ve been using Parallels since just before version 5 came out, and version 5 is even better. I’m running four different operating systems under Parallels (Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux, and Fedora Linux) and I have no complaints. I also have VMWare Fusion installed, and I do have complaints with that (specifically regarding accessing USB devices – it’s not as clean as it is with Parallels).

    And about your A-rating of Office for Mac 2008, haven’t you heard of NeoOffice? I can’t imagine why anyone would pay for something that they can get free that is just as good and in some ways more user friendly. I gave up Office for Mac two years ago and would not go back for anything. Everyone I introduce to NeoOffice can’t thank me enough.

  2. madisonwalker Says:

    good list…

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