Fast! Win7 RC1 in 32-bits on 2006 XP Hardware

A quick update to my ongoing Windows 7 RC1 performance assessment: It’s faster than Beta 1. It’s not just faster on high-end Vista hardware in 64-bits. I installed the 32-bit version of RC1 on my 64-bit hardware: Fast! More importantly, I installed Win7 RC1 on my circa-2006 Dell Inspiron notebook with a 2.0GHz Core Duo and 2GB of RAM. Again, it was fast. Not as fast as XP, but noticeably faster than Win7 Beta 1. Vista runs only so-so on this particular piece of older hardware.

I have a Lenovo 2.0 GHz Core Duo that’s even slower than the Dell. I’ve had Vista on that machine both in beta and in the final version since it shipped. That’s my next Win7 victim.

For me, Win7 Beta 1 was a performance disappointment compared to how other reviewers raved about it. It was clearly slower than the earlier Preview release.

I have sometimes found the shipping version of Windows code to be a little slower than the last RC. I felt this was the case with Vista, for example. So I want to caution that it’s not a done deal yet. True performance testing should only be performed on gold code. And I’ve only reported impressions so far.

But I’m optimistic, now, that Windows 7 is going to be a positive experience.

I’d even go so far as to say that in my subjective testing, Windows 7 RC1 is faster than the PC World benchmark that I blogged about a couple of days ago would lead you to believe. Hands on, RC1 tests out closer to XP than to Vista. If that winds up being the case, it’s the single most important factor for Windows 7 — and Microsoft will have achieved its first real win in quite some time.

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2 Responses to “Fast! Win7 RC1 in 32-bits on 2006 XP Hardware”

  1. BrianHayes Says:

    We can scour the InterTubes, Scott, and when we find you, there’s straightforward, honest and direct tech journalism!

    It’s not about style, not raves nor rants, but clear hearted motives and studied marks that matter to us.


  2. JETninja Says:

    Thanks Scott! I’ll have a test of my own soon, gonna install it on my old WinXP Athlon-M Box I built years ago..has an old slightly buggy WinXP Pro load, since the FD on the MB is fubar, have to load an OS that has built in SATA drivers, so gonna give Win7 RC 32bit a try. Need to up the memory to 2Gb first.

    BTW, you might remember me, long time (5-6 years?) subscriber, used to respond to lots of your XP stuff years ago.

    John Tami

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