Scot’s Newsletter mailed today (first time in 5 months)

This is just a quick heads-up that the first issue of Scot’s Newsletter mailed today after an unintended 5-month hiatus. The contents of the newsletter are no longer published on the Web, since the newsletter is primarily a blog notification message. There is some information in this issue of direct interest to subscribers — including an explanation of why it’s been so long since the newsletter mailed.

Because, these days, newsletters often accidentally wind up in spam traps, I wanted to make sure that newsletter subscribers got this little extra notification from me with a suggestion that they check to ensure they got their copies. (Please note: I cannot resend the newsletter to you if you didn’t get it. My apologies.)

If you’d like to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Scot’s Newsletter Blog email-notification list, those tasks are quite easy. Please visit SNB subscription page.

— Scot

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  1. Alec_Burgess Says:

    Posting at 2008-08-30 16:08 EDT (your newsletter received at 10:43) and apparently no comments posted yet.

    Had to register to post – no CAPTCHA’s? seemed too easy đŸ™‚
    Response time immediate for all functions – everyone must be out enjoying the last days of summer.

    wrt to Automobile blogging – I appreciate your enthusiasm but its not my passion. I’ve got an old clunker which suits me fine … so voting no about hearing about cars. Is there a separate RSS feed which will get me *my* idea of good stuff and let others see the rest?

  2. johnn1jm Says:

    I sense from your emailed letter today that you only like a Mac because of security and you would stick with a PC if it wasnt for that. Only pulling your leg, but I would stick with a PC if it was a secure as a Mac.

  3. Fox Says:

    Hi Scott, good to hear from you again. Keep up the good work!

  4. FuturePerfect Says:

    I’m confused. I thought this blog IS your newsletter, replacing your old newsletter site which is now an archive. And didn’t you mean you e-mailed not [snail] mailed the newsletter? And since you can’t re-mail your newsletter, is it now unavailable to me forever? Could you please explain?

  5. Scot’s Newsletter Blog » Blog Archive » Why newsletter readers got info that blog readers didn’t Says:

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  6. Scot Says:

    FuturePerfect and others who may be confused, please see this new blog entry.

    — Scot

  7. Scot Says:


    CAPTCHAS: I don’t control the WordPress software. There are add-ons, but my experience with add-ons is that they may be points of vulnerability.

    About auto coverage and RSS feed: No, there’s no non-auto RSS feed. I’m currently toting up the email-based votes (which I vastly prefer, by the way). Early results: More people would opt for me to send newsletters notifying them about auto coverage than those who would not. But it would have to be a mandate in favor of notification about auto coverage for me to consider it. People signed up with a specific expectation. I won’t break that without an overwhelming number of people asking me to make a change.

    There is no option about whether I cover autos or not — I will continue to write about what I want to write about. Anyone who wants to pay me directly for what I write might, I suppose, have an option to dictate that. (To be honest, I’ve never even considered that.) But I’m not looking for that business model. In fact, there is no business model for Scot’s Newsletter.

    — Scot

  8. Says:

    I second the thought regarding automobile blogging. Start a second blog for those interested in hearing about minimizing their automotive carbon footprint. I’m here to keep the knuckleheads off my systems.

    And perhaps I’ve missed something, but I’d sure like to hear about REAL firewalls instead of software that makes my machines run akin to ‘286-10MHz machines of days past . I run Sonicwalls at home and office and would like to see hardware firewalls compared. I travel frequently, and am within a month or two of purchasing a hardware firewall ‘for the road’ rather than hope the hotel, motel, or business I’m piggybacking from has dotted it’s technological i’s and crossed it’s t’s.


    Mark B

  9. Scot Says:

    Not going to happen, Mark. I write one blog. You’re free not to read it, free to unsubscribe, whatever you want to do. This is what I write about.

    Beg to differ on software firewalls using that many system resources. Did you actually try Online Armor? I’m guessing not. I have written extensively about hardware firewalls in the past, and this latest software firewall review specifically recommends that everyone use a hardware firewalls. I’ve also reviewed the SonicWall products in the past. I don’t like them. They’re expensive and don’t really offer more than less expensive options. Hardware firewalls don’t do much to block outbound connections. Try *reading* the story I wrote instead of mindlessly criticizing, please.

    A hardware firewall for the road makes a ton of sense, though. It’s the one thought I agree with. How large is it though? What are you looking at?

    — Scot

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