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It’s taken a lot of work to get there, but the curtain has raised once again on Scot’s Newsletter Forums after a hiatus of more than three weeks. The closure, like the locking of this blog to comments and new registrations, was caused by hackers who were able to repeatedly access these sites via FTP. Both blog and forums have been moved to a new webhost and their underlying applications have been fully upgraded.

If you’re a frequenter of the forums, drop by and help us beta test the new forum software, configuration, and customizations.

Now that the forums are back open, the migration to the new host is complete. I’ve learned a lot from this less than happy experience. I’ll pass along some of my lessons learned in future blog entries.

8 Responses to “Scot’s Newsletter Forums Open for Business”

  1. xram Says:

    Keep talking about Toyota!

  2. Scot Says:

    xram: You must be about the only one who wants me to write about automobiles. Thanks! Actually, some other long-term readers have also expressed this sentiment to me privately. I appreciate the support. I have continued my research on hybrids and other automobile stuff. I can’t help myself, to be honest. It’s a topic of consuming interest for me.

    About the Prius, it appears that Toyota will be debuting a major upgrade as a 2010 model this coming January. I have also heard that Toyota will be offering lithium-ion batteries on some Lexis hybrids. Perhaps an up-level Prius will also get lithium ion, hard to say. But Toyota does appear to be going for a huge splash with the next Prius.

    One of my sources speculates that while other automakers (VW, for example) may be following Toyota’s ugly-duckling strategy by releasing hybrids with, let’s say, distinctive shapes — Toyota is taking the Prius mainstream with a new sleeker body for the Prius. The status symbol is already established. Now they’re going after everyone else.

    I recently rented a 2008 Prius, and there are things about the hybrid car that I may write about as well. It was an interesting experience.

    So, yes, there is more to come.

    I’ll also be writing about computers too.

    — Scot

  3. rickogorman Says:


    I also enjoyed your discussions of the hybrids, and your thoughts on related issues (climate change). But I also miss hearing your thoughts on computer-related stuff, particularly as I just switched, based substantially, though not exclusively, on your experience. So far, no regrets, and it’s only been a month! I’m dual-booting, as I had some critical work to get done and didn’t have the appropriate software ready to go on the Mac side (SPSS–nor did I have time to test whether it ran as reliably under fusion/parallels as on WinXP). I can tell you, after getting the project done, I was glad to boot back into Macworld. Now I’ll see whether either of the VMs can give me the same results as I get under WinXP for stats analysis, which is my main hold to Windoze.

    I’ve also been quite pleased with the range of software available for free on the Mac platform, as well as the tweakability of it, to customize it to ways I like to work (where the default Mac setup is incompatible with my prefs). Not sold on Apple Mail though–it’s nice, but doesn’t seem as powerful as Thunderbird for multiple accounts (I don’t seem to have quite the same control over how different accounts work together).

    Finally, you have some programs on your ‘to-test’ list that I’m eager to hear about. You might want to add two to the list–Paragon currently have a free beta partitioning program available, as well as Rescue kit.

    Now, can anyone tell me a shortcut key method to switch between windows of the same program?

  4. Scot Says:

    I am gearing up to write some more. The security issue with the websites was totally consuming for about six weeks there or I would have written sooner. Also, August is the busiest month of the year at Computerworld, my day job. So I don’t have a lot of free bandwidth at the moment. But I do have things to write about. I’m planning to update the Mac A-List, Online Armor for Vista, and some lessons learned on the security thing.

    I’ll be surprised if you have trouble with the virtualization software. One thing I would recommend is to set Parallels to 10000 MB on the virtual disk. Their default has been too small for me on every machine I’ve run it on. On this machine it’s set to 8000 MB, and that’s been OK. But this is a data point you can’t change later without killing the VM, so I would make it a little bigger if you’ve got plenty of HD capacity.

    I haven’t tested Fusion since it was in early beta. it’s on my list to do that. I’ve been very happy with Parallels. I use VMware’s product for Windows, and I love it there. So I might like Fusion a lot too.

    I feel the same way about Apple Mail. Email on the Mac is definitely a weak point, IMO. I don’t like MS Entourage either. Agreed that Apple Mail isn’t strong on multiple accounts. They expect you to use Smart Folders.

    — Scot

  5. Scot Says:


    For your app window switching on the Mac, did you try cmd-~ and cmd-shift-~ (that symbol is the tilde (next to the 1 key on my MacBook Air). You don’t type the hyphen.

    — Scot

  6. rickogorman Says:

    Nice one Scot! cmd~ works. Actually should be better/more control (in conjunction with cmd-tab) for switching apps/windows than just alt-tab on windows cycling through all windows.

    I’ll be very interested in your take on Fusion–as both companies allow try before you buy, I expect to test drive both, though I expect that to be a bit time consuming (setting up VMs, and I hope to build the VMs from my bootcamp install). From reading reviews and looking at their specs, they both seem very good products, and I imagine my preference could come down to subtle differences in how they integrate WinXP with Mac (such as using Spaces, or not, the value of multiple save points, etc.), but also confirming that either or both run SPSS as accurately as bootcamping. That’s my mission critical software.

  7. RadioFreeTom Says:

    Hi, Scot! As I mentioned in the Poll Response – I’d almost forgotten about the newsletter, so at least it’s good to know you’re still around! Family comes first, after all… Then the Main Source of Revenue! Anyway, good to see you’re back!

  8. Scot Says:

    Thanks, Tom. Hope you find some value here.

    Just a quick, minor point. Computerworld is my *only* source of revenue. All of Scot’s Newsletter is a labor of love. I accept contributions and also have Google ads, but that stuff doesn’t really cover my costs any longer. I’m not complaining, though. But people should be aware that this is not a commercial site.

    — Scot

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