And … We’re Back

Good news! Scot’s Newsletter Blog is back in business. I have removed the registration block and reinstated the ability for registered readers to comment. Thanks for your patience.

During the hiatus, the blog was moved to a new webhost and was updated to the latest version of WordPress. Those jumps represent a major upgrade to the site, and I’m still working out some minor kinks. Please report any issues you may find by posting a comment to this thread or by sending me an email. Much obliged.

Welcome back. It feels good to be in business again.

— Scot

6 Responses to “And … We’re Back”

  1. rickogorman Says:


  2. JRoss Says:

    What webhost did you pick? I’m currently researching for a webhost change.

  3. naleta Says:

    Yes, who is your host? My husband is pondering opening a blog of his own, but hasn’t settled on a host as yet. And what tipped your decision to go with them, instead of another host?

  4. Corrine Says:

    Welcome back, Scot!

  5. LilBambi Says:

    Yea! Welcome back Scot!

  6. James Says:

    Welcome back online Scot and the rest of the ‘Highlanders’!

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