Statement of Independence

Long-time Scot’s Newsletter readers know this, but the newsletter’s transformation to a blog makes it a bit more public than it was, and I think it’s important to make something clear:

Scot’s Newsletter does not accept any payment from any computer product vendor. I don’t do product consulting of any sort. I do not accept random payments of any sort from any computer software or hardware maker.

The newsletter has in past accepted newsletter ads (although not in many months). The only service an advertisement has ever earned from me is the advertisement itself. I have never accepted ads from any vendor whose products I was in the process of reviewing.

The only regular forms of revenue Scot’s Newsletter has are Google AdSense and personal contributions from readers. That funding does not cover my time and costs, nor have I ever attempted to make up that expense, just possibly defray some of it. Scot’s Newsletter is probably best described as a labor of love.

This is the point of this post:

My product recommendations have never been and will never be bought. Period.

Note about the elimination of newsletter ads:

The recent transformation of Scot’s Newsletter from a newsletter containing the content to a blog site with a notification newsletter changed the advertising proposition. A newsletter that merely links to content doesn’t support newsletter-based advertising very well. So eliminating newsletter ads was part of the plan from the start of the blog idea. I may investigate additional ad networks or programs like Google AdSense.

— Scot

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  1. te Says:

    Thank you!
    I have always relied on your newsletter (and now blog) for good unbiased information and you have never disappointed.
    Keep up the great work and thanks again.

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