New Role at Computerworld

Earlier this week I was honored by a promotion to the position of Editor in Chief at IDG’s Computerworld. I’m now overseeing the magazine and website, and helping to guide a stellar staff of 45 editors and writers. It’s an awesome responsibility, but I feel equal to it. In fact, I’m charged up and ready to go.

I’m very proud of the publication Computerworld has always been, and the one it’s become over the past two to three years. If you haven’t checked it out recently, you’re missing out on something special.

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  1. Daleus Says:

    Conga Ratz Scot!

    You do such a good job of the newsletter that I am hardly surprised to have been elevated to Godhood!

    Okay, sorry, I was just trying to find a sentence in which to use elevate 😉

    Good fortune for the future


  2. sjmoseler Says:

    Congratulations! As a long time newsletter subscriber I know the type of journalist you are and I can only see good things happening with you as the editor here.

    Best wishes to you and your family!

  3. blangton Says:


    As a long time subscriber and follower of your work I wanted to take the time to send a message of congratulations.

    Also – as someone who (about the same time as you did) added a Mac to my stable of computers, I wanted to thank you for the complete coverage that Computerworld is providing on Leopard.

    I bought and installed Leopard during its first week of introduction and encountered no problems with the upgrade. Time Machine as well as many of the other new or improved features make it even more of a pleasure to use than Tiger. (or Vista for that matter)

    Keep up the good work!

    PS: I enjoy the Blog format – makes it easier to keep up on what’s going on with your various projects…


  4. Scot Says:

    Thanks to all of you on the good wishes!

    About the Leopard coverage, I appreciate your noticing it. One of the reasons we could do the package we did (which has been supremely successful), is that there is Mac expertise (and I don’t mean me) at Computerworld. Ken Mingis is a very experienced Mac guy. He’s also an experienced and talented editor and writer. He’s assembled a great team of freelance Mac writers too.

    Another note on this: Last year we put in the same level of effort on our Vista coverage. Computerworld is eclectic about operating systems. What’s changed recently is that we’ve made a strategic decision to add more emphasis to operating system coverage (both desktop and server OSes, by the way). Our readers have asked for this specifically. A recent reader survey showed it was the number one topic they wanted us to address.

    — Scot

  5. wintomacmaybe Says:

    Congratulations, Scot! I’m now down to two “major” newsletters- ones that publish (relatively) regular issues as opposed to the occasional post. Yours, with both Windows and Mac coverage, fits best for where I’m standing in the world of computers and electronics now. I’m only on Windows Secrets now as the LangaList, of which I was an avid reader, merged with it, so I got “carried over”. If I do consummate the switch my username implies, I’ll not only be dropping Windows Secrets when my paid subscription expires, but will also subscribe to Computerworld- and drop a lot of other MS-focused mags I now subscribe to, as well. Its focus on OS’s should be just what the doctor ordered, as I’ll probably Bootcamp with XP on any new Macs I purchase.

  6. bosnfour Says:

    As a long time reader all I can say is; “It’s about time.” My sincerest congratulations Scot. I’m sure that Computerworld and its readers will benefit with you at the helm.

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