IPhone Lust? Get over It

Hey, if I were you, I’d buy it. But I’m me, and I have to get over it. I’ve bought one too many things of late. Worse, I was a total iPhone Luddite. What, no 3G? Gawd, who wants that! Besides, it looks huge on in the TV ads. Plus, $60 to $100 a month, for AT&T’s network? I … don’t … think … so.

And then my buddy Ken Mingis placed the one he bought — after pledging with me that he would not buy one, I might add — in my hand. The universe tilted. I entered an altered state of being. And my mouth dropped open. I had to have one. Had to!

So 3G or not, I’d probably be buying one. If I could. But my wife, Cyndy, would probably make me sleep out back in the shed (along with the mystery mammal that’s living beneath it). And she’d have cause. Apple’s iPhone is darn expensive when you consider the two-year contract. And as you’ll see, I haven’t exactly been frugal lately.

But that the iPhone is expensive is about all I can say bad about it. It’s much smaller than it looks on TV, offers a lot of cool functionality, and it would fit better in my jeans pocket than either of my current cell phones. The screen is gorgeous, the operation intuitive, and while the keyboard might be an issue, the many applications have some ingenious innovations, in the style we’ve come to expect from Apple.

So here I sit dreaming up a reason to buy an iPhone next year. Maybe. In the meantime, if you’re waiting on 3G, maybe you should reconsider and go out and gitcha one now. This article from AnandTech, which, naturally, Ken (my wife calls him a bad influence) passed to me, offers realistic reasons why 3G may not be coming to an iPhone near you any time soon: No 3G on the iPhone, but Why? A Battery Life Analysis (AnandTech).

It’s not just the battery life either. According to AnandTech, quoting a Steve Jobs interview in the Wall Street Journal, the 3G circuitry might have made the iPhone bigger. That would not have been good. Not at all.

Since you can connect your iPhone wirelessly to any Wi-Fi network, surfing speed isn’t as much of a big deal. Even AT&T’s EDGE network isn’t terrible at 100kbps. For Web surfing and email, it’s OK. It’s definitely not up to snuff for YouTube though.

I know you’re probably growing a little indifferent to all the iPhone coverage, but this is truly good content. Check out Computerworld’s iPhone reviews and video. The seven-minute video, in particular, gives the best view on what it’s like to use the iPhone.

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